Confetti Balloon

1.General Description

Balloon Type Confetti Balloons
Balloon Size 12'' 18'' 36''
Balloon Weight 2.8/3.2g 8g 24g/35g
Balloon Weight 3.2g / 2.5g
Balloon Color Transparent Color
Confetti Color Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, Blue, Pink, White, Green etc
Balloon Material 100% Nature Latex
Occasion Wedding, Valentine's Day, Baby Shower, Graduation, Anniversary, Birthday Party, etc.
Printable Yes

2.Duratec Balloon Advantages

The colors of balloons are fresh, bright and even.
Flexible and softer, after pinched not breaking.
Easy to tied, finger are not hurt. 
Very little to no smells, could blow the balloons with mouth.
The balloon and packing bag is clean.
Keep and float more than 7 days.

3.Confetti Balloon Color display

4.Confetti Balloon set

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