Surgical Glove Ceramic Former

The Surgical Glove Ceramic Former/Mold is widely used in the for the production of high quality surgical glove, it has the advantages of excellent acid resistance and alkali resistance, at the same time, it has excellent thermal shock resistance. Thanks to these excellent physical properties and stable chemical stability, the production capacity of surgical glove can be guaranteed. 

(1) Available Size: 5.5inch -9inch
(2) Height : 360-460 mm
(3) Texture: Smooth,Concave Texture; Convex Texture
(4) Texture Fineness: Rough texture,Medium Texture
(5) Texture Area:  Full TexturePalm Texture
(6) Coating: light glazingmiddle glazingfull glazing

3.Technical parameter:
(1) Water Absorption: 0.12%
(2) Alkali Resistance: 99.5%
(3) Heat Resistance:170℃
(4) Porosity: 0.34%
(5) Bulk Density : 2.57 g/cm3
(6) Moh’s Hardness: 7.6

In standard carton box packed on the wooden cage.

(1) Can withstand all reasonable temperature changes and will not soften or warp.
(2) It is stronger than glass and other material.
(3) It is unaffected by acids, steam or most other chemicals.
(4) It is less costly compared to other materials.
(5) Higher quality of the end product .
(6) It is completely vitreous, so the material do not stick to the mold.
(7) Much longer service life than other material.