ceramic Balloon Former/Mold




The ceramic balloon former is the most ideal mold for the production of latex balloon. The Duratec ceramic balloon former has the advantages of excellent acid & alkali resistance, perfect shape design, smooth surface and easy stripping. It is widely used in most of the balloon factory all over the world. Duratec has over 30 balloon shapes available for customer’s options. 


Physical Properties Size Tolerance (mm)
Hardness(Mohs) 9 Neck +/-1.5mm
Water Absorption <0.25% Length +/-3mm
Fastness to Acid ≥99% Roundness +/-1.8mm
Fastness to Alkali ≥99% Remark Customer’s tolerance is available upon requests
Heat Fastness 400 ℃ Remark Customer’s tolerance is available upon requests
Flexural Strength 800 kg/cm2 Remark Customer’s tolerance is available upon requests
Firing Temperature 1300 ℃ Remark Customer’s tolerance is available upon requests

■Regular Shape and Size:

We are producing all shape and sizes according to customer’s sample. Special design can be made as per customers requests as well. Below are the regular available shapes:

Round Shape : 7" to 13" 

Flat Shape: 8" and 12" 

Heart shape : 8" and 12" 

Airship : 8"

Other available shapes:  Big round shape, oval shape,Punch shape, Screw shape, Doll Shape,Gourd shape, baseball shape, Rabbit, Millennium Bug shape, Tailed shape, Swirling shape, Mickey shape, elephant shape, chick shape, Doraemon shape, cat shape, little man shape, bird shape etc.

Remark: other shape and sizes are available upon customer’s design, 

■ Package:

In standard carton box packed on the wooden box. 

■ Advantages:

(1) Ceramic former has excellent thermal shock resistance, and can withstand reasonable temperature changes and will not soften or warp.

(2) Ceramic former is stronger than glass former and superior to wood former and has longer service time than other material 

(3) Ceramic former has excellent acid and alkali resistance,and it will not be affected by acids, steam or other chemicals.

(4) Ceramic former is good for better quality for the end product. 

(5) Ceramic former is easier for stripping/